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Mandarin Wall Art

“MANDARIN” wall hanging has been chosen for inclusions in the 2013 Birds in Art Exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum in Wausau, WI. I will donate a portion of the sales of this or any of my other sculptures to the Wood Duck Society or a charity of your choice.

The mission of the Wood Duck Society is to educate and promote sound management of wood duck populations and associated habitats required for their reproduction and survival.

It all started in April, 1984, when several friends met around the Hawkins’ breakfast table in Lino Lakes MN, to share experiences concerning their box-nesting wood ducks.

This April ritual was repeated the next four years, but by 1989, the group had grown too large for the breakfast table and moved to a meeting room at Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area. Soon the group decided the time had come to share their information through a newsletter called the Wood Duck Newsgram.

By 1992, the membership had increased to 150 and an editorial committee was formed. The Newsgram took on a new format and the number of issues per year increased to three. The name Wood Duck Society was adopted by members present at the 1994 annual meeting. The Society now has over 600 members.

The Society is currently operated by unpaid volunteers through a Board of Directors. Annual membership dues of $10 cover publication of the Newsgram and other expenses associated with dissemination of information as well as special project activities. Experts in wood duck research and management, graduates engaged in wood duck studies, Society members, and other wood duck enthusiasts are invited to submit articles for the Newsgram and to share their ideas and experiences at the annual meetings.

As a Society, they are concerned about the welfare of the wood duck through its range from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico. Wood duck habits and habitats and how these birds are perceived by people vary considerably within this extensive range. The Society hopes to combine information and knowledge to help educate all parties concerned.

The Wood Duck Society, with years of experience and professionals expertise, shares with you, the time proven method for safe and successful wood duck nest box installation and placement. Their method is not only beneficial for the hen and her clutch, but for you with  ‘no ladders’ involved.

If you are interested in receiving the colorful and ad-free Newsgram, follow this link and click on Membership. Your membership to the WoodDuck Society includes a one year subscription to the Newsgram (three issues, March, July, November).  Become a member today!

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