Country Spirit
July 2017

Fine Art Connoiseur

Virginia Living
"Wild Emotion" by Lisa Antonelli Bacon
June 2010

Middleburg Eccentric
"No Creature Too Small for Diana Reuter-Twining"
January 2010

Wildlife Art
“Sculptor Champions Africa’s Wildlife” by Myrna Zanetell
January/February 2006

“Discoveries in Bronze” by Sally Pfoutz. vol. 1, no. 9
December 2005/January 2006
p. 45-47

Inform Art
“Four Sculptors Stretch Their Imaginations”
by Myrna Zanetell vol. 16, no. 4
Fall, 2005
p. 44-48

Teton Valley Top to Bottom
“Art and Soul” by Patti Layser
Spring/Summer, 2001
p. 66