Chesapeake Bay Foundation


River Dancers

I will donate a portion of the sales of this or any of my other sculptures to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation or a charity of your choice.

The mission of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is to Save the Bay™, and keep it saved, as defined by reaching a 70 on CBF’s Health Index.

CBF’s vision: the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers, broadly recognized as a national treasure, will be highly productive and in good health as measured by established water quality standards. The result will be clear water, free of impacts from toxic contaminants, and with healthy oxygen levels. Natural filters on both the land and in the water will provide resilience to the entire Chesapeake Bay system and serve as valuable habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life.

For more than 30 years, CBF’s award-winning environmental education program has been one of the cornerstones of our effort to reverse the Bay’s decline. Their acclaimed programs include:

  • Field Experiences
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Principals Environmental Leadership Program
  • Student Leadership
  • Resources

All programs are designed to support state standards of education and are based from the official definition for a “meaningful watershed education experience” as defined by the Chesapeake Bay Program. Programs are supported and created in collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association and the National Geographic Society.

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