temptation necklace

A vervet monkey sits playfully under a tree. Its tail and the branches of the tree mimic each other.

TEMPTATION comes from the sculpture of the same name. A vervet monkey sits under a tree of pearls and cognac diamonds which I have chosen to make into a necklace. Matching earrings of gold stems with pearls and diamonds are offered as pendant earrings.

Necklace – 18k white gold tree and base, with buds of freshwater pearls and cognac diamond accents, 18k yellow gold monkey (16 freshwater rice pearls, 1 freshwater boulder pearl, 84 champagne diamonds, .015ct each)
Earrings – 18k white gold twigs with buds of freshwater pearls and cognac diamonds (4 freshwater pearls, 24 x .015 cognac diamonds)