Pear necklace

Pears are nature’s perfect form. Pear Necklace is a study in their textures and shadows: forms within forms, shapes and colors created by the play of light.

Still life with pears


Pear Necklace comes from the sculpture STILL LIFE WITH PEARS. When I chose to study STILL LIFE WITH PEARS as a piece of jewelry I found that I could explore a more magnified version of the fruit. What I found interesting was the play of shapes and forms within the shadows. I chose to micro pave graduated sapphires to accentuate this. The leaf and twigs were integral to creating the “whole” look of sensuous unending line.

Necklace – Two 18k gold pears, one rose gold and one yellow gold, pave set with 35 pave set sapphires per pear: (3) 1.75mm, (18) 2.0mm, (14) 2.25mm, each bud contains (6) 1.25mm bead set yellow sapphires, accented with a white gold leaf with veins of (42) 1.25mm pave set orange sapphire. The overlapping white gold stems make up the necklace, adorned with buds of carnelian with yellow sapphire accents, ending in an integrated clasp.
Earrings – 18k white gold twigs with buds of (4) carnelian bullet cabochons and (24) 1.25mm yellow sapphires.