Grasshopper necklace

This was inspired by my fascination with the micro world and my sculpture GRASSHOPPER VASE. How much of that world do we miss because it is inaccessible to us visually. Here two grasshopper’s antennae reach over a vase to intertwine with each other. I chose to design this with a reference to the Art Deco period with a stylized geometrical design.

Necklace – Two 18k yellow gold grasshopper rest on an 18k white gold vase, with a base and lip of 18k yellow gold, pave set with (18) 2mm yellow sapphires, (26) yellow sapphires pave set on top. The grasshoppers eyes are 2mm sapphires and their antenna come together to form an arch over the vase as well as the gold neckwire, and end in an 18k yellow gold toggle clasp.
Earrings – 18k yellow gold domes of (74) 2mm round pave set yellow sapphires, suspended from an 18k yellow gold arm with an 18k white gold accent (as seen with Honeycomb)