Diana, Goddess of the Wild

The Amazonian Goddess, Artemis, was known to have helped defend the Hellenic Greeks on horseback while carrying her bow thus conjuring up an image of women with the lower  body of a horse and the  upper body of a woman.  This may explain the evolution of the image of the astrological sign of Sagittarius.

I chose to depict, Artemis, Diana Goddess of the Hunt as one such centauride.

I am drawn to this image of  the feminine form as one so closely allied to an animal in the lower body but having maintained the human, rational aspect of the form in the upper body.

In folk lore and mythology, Diana was Goddess of the Hunt, Goddess of the Moon and Goddess of the Wild and turned her brother Apollo into a stag as he hunted her.

The poem, Goddess of the Wild, by Kimberly Moore inspired me.

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54"H x 16"W x 12"D
(137 x 41 x 30 cm)
Bronze (Cire perdue)

Goddess of the Wild

By Kimberly Moore

Heed Me
Hear Me
run to Me

Burst out of your casing
shrug off normal mundane and
Come with Me
Hunt with Me
Run with Me
‘Til the breath screams from our lungs
and our muscles are nothing but adrenaline
Come with Me
and when you cannot take one more step
I will pull you
from the bindings of your humanity

Give me your fears
your sense of being prey with
the copper reflections of silent terror in your mouth
Give it to me
Be the Huntress
and we will send your demons fleeing for their existence
as you sound the horn
and release the wild in you
you have no-thing but the wild in you.