Carousel Rabbits

As a young child I was often taken to The Carousel at Glen Echo Park in Maryland where we rode the beautiful carousel. Part of my joy the anticipation of choosing which of the magnificent carved wooden animals to ride!  There were ostriches, lions, horses and giraffes but my favorite was the rabbit. As if this wasn’t excitement enough, there was an arm that hung slightly to the outside of platform which held a golden ring.  As your animal passed by this ring the game was to capture the ring, thus allowing you to have a free ride.

In my sculpture, Carousel Rabbits, I imagined that the rabbits had escaped the carousel and were perpetually gliding through space..

Sold as two sculptures or one
Single rabbit: 60″H x 48″W x 27″D
(152.4 x 121.9 x 68.6 cm)
Double rabbit : 72″H x 61″W x 27″D
(182.9 x 154.9 x 68.6 cm)
Bronze rabbits on stainless steel rings and base plate
Edition/9: each signed and numbered
Provenance provided

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